A Welcomed Responsibility

At Flowers Foods, we recognize our responsibility to uphold the company’s founding values, which for more than 100 years have centered on working ethically, responsibly, and with integrity. We actively seek opportunities to make a positive difference for our team, consumers, environment, and the communities we serve. Adapting to this ever-changing environment required us to be more efficient, more resilient, and more aware than ever before. Read more about the progress we’ve made across our business in 2020/21 in our CEO message.


We are committed to applying sustainability processes to all aspects of our business and to exploring ways to prevent waste of water, packaging, energy, and other resources.

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We believe our team is the best in the business and we prioritize their safety and provide opportunities for them to succeed.

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As a visionary baked foods company, we put the consumer at the core of all we do. We care about how our food is made… because we eat it too.

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We are committed to feeding families, helping children, and supporting our veterans through our charitable giving and volunteer efforts.

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The values we have held dear for more than 100 years are the foundation for all that we do.

  • HONESTY & INTEGRITY | Always doing what’s right and maintaining high standards of ethical conduct
  • RESPECT & INCLUSION | Creating an inclusive, diverse, and respectful culture
  • SUSTAINABILITY | Building a sustainable future for our team, our company, and our communities  
  • PASSION | Achieving our goals with energy and enthusiasm
  • HUMILITY | Striving to serve and learn from others as we pursue common goals

Corporate Responsibility Governance

In 2022, our board of directors implemented a new ESG oversight structure. Under this structure, the board of directors retains ultimate oversight of the company’s ESG and Corporate Responsibility-related risks and priorities and delegates to the committees oversight of various ESG-related topics, as reflected in the committee charters.

In connection with our strong founding values, management – at the direction and subject to the oversight of our board of directors and its committees – oversees the prioritization of ESG topics that impact our business and stakeholders and the focus of our Corporate Responsibility strategy and reporting. Recently, we formalized our ESG governance framework to include an ESG Executive Committee and ESG Steering Committee as illustrated below.

corporate responsibility governance chart